Junior Auditor interview Questions ( CONTROLLER GENERAL OF ACCOUNTS)

Important question related junior Auditor interview 1) Accounting Cycle 2) What is balance sheet 3) Define Budget  4) bank overdraft  5) income Statement  6) financial Statement  7) Current Asset  8) Fixed Assed  9) Nominal Account  10)CASHBOOK  11) Bank Reconciliation Statement 12)Debit and Credit ____________________________________________________________________________________

Main Type of Audit Risk

 Which Three Types of Audit Risk Exist? Audit risk can be divided into three categories: inherent risk, detection risk, and control risk. 1) Inherent Risk: The risk created by a financial statement inaccuracy or omission caused by something other than an internal control failure is known as inherent risk. When a transaction is complex or there are special conditions that call for a high level of financial estimation judgment, the chance of inherent risk in a financial audit rises. This type of risk indicates the worst possible scenario because all internal controls have nonetheless proved ineffectual. 2) Detection Risk: The risk of detection is the likelihood that an auditor may miss significant inaccuracies in the financial statements of a business. These false remarks could be the result of fraud or mistake. Audit processes are used by auditors to find these inaccuracies. However, some discovery risk will always remain due to the nature of audit techniques. For instance, because it i

Missing Titanic Submersible found

 5 Onboard Submersible Likely Killed by "Catastrophic Implosion" The Coast Guard reported that fragments of the lost Titan ship were discovered 1,600 feet from the Titanic's bow on the ocean surface. The ship's owner, OceanGate Expeditions, declared: "Our hearts are with these five individuals. The Coast Guard reported that fragments of the lost Titan ship were discovered 1,600 feet from the Titanic's bow on the ocean surface. The ship's owner, Ocean Gate Expeditions, declared, "Our hearts are with these five souls."

The Art of Impression Management

 The Art of Impression Management. The term "role-playing" generally carries a bad reputation. We evaluate it against truth. We believe that a person who is truly authentic can just be themselves and doesn't need to play a part in life. This idea is important for our intimate interactions and friendships, when we may perhaps let down our guard and feel free to show off our individuality. However, it is far more challenging in our working lives. We have expectations about what is professional when it comes to a particular job or function to perform in society. If our airline pilot suddenly began acting like a car salesperson, a mechanic like a therapist, or a lecturer like a rock, we would be uncomfortable. Here are some fundamentals of the discipline of impression management . Master the nonverbal cues.  People pay more attention to the nonverbal indications we give off in particular situations when they are trying to figure out who we are. This might occur during a group

The Law of Narcissism

Law of Narcissism We all have access to empathy, the most astonishing instrument for building relationships and gaining social influence. When developed and used effectively, it can provide us insight into other people's emotions and thoughts, empowering us to predict their behaviour and subtly weaken their resistance. However, this tool is weakened by our ingrained self-importance. All of us are narcissists, though some are more extreme than others. Our purpose in life is to accept this love of ourselves and discover how to direct our sensitivity away from ourselves and towards others. Prior to becoming entangled in their dramas and poisoned by their jealousy, we must simultaneously recognize the toxic narcissists who are present among us.                                  The Narcissistic Temperament Humans have an unquenchable desire for attention from the time of birth. We are fundamentally social creatures. Our relationships with others are essential to both our survival and ha

Boys Islamic Names

Boys islamic name Hassan Hussein Omar Ibrahim Khalid Abdullah Hamza Youssef Zaid Nour Mustafa Zakariya Adam Amin Bilal Dawood Faris Idris Ismail Haroon Yusuf Tariq Nasser Karim Rayan Khalil Zayn Arif Aziz Musa Talha Haris Zahir Raza Hadi Rafiq Samir Ayaan Zayd Imran Asad Aminullah Taha Qasim Aariz Zain Nabil Zaki Naeem Faisal Rizwan Kamran Junaid Yasin Arman Saif Usman Raheem Ilyas Mujahid Qadir Ammar Wahid Aarav Tahir Saad Ghazi Zayan Ayaaz Shahid Fawad Arshad Danish Rameez Hanif Qasim Arham. حسن - خوبصورتی حسین - خوبصورتی عمر - لمبی عمر ابراہیم - خدا کا دوست خالد - ہمیشہ رہنے والا عبداللہ - خدا کا بندہ حمزہ - مستحکم یوسف - خوبصورت زید - فائدہ مند نور - روشنی مصطفیٰ - اختیار شدہ زکریا - خدا کی یاد کرنے والا آدم - انسان امین - امانت دار بلال - ایک صحابی کا نام داؤد - ایک نبی کا نام فارس - پرندہ ادریس - ایک نبی کا نام اسماعیل - ایک نبی کا نام ہارون - موسیٰ کا بھائی یوسف - ایک نبی کا نام طارق - نجات دینے والا ناصر - مدد کرنے والا کریم - نیک دل ریان - جنت کا دروازہ خلیل - دوست زین - خوبصو